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And I am the soundsound
of the city that drowned

Ein Jahr lang war das Team „Newsical“ in Brandenburg unterwegs um sein neues Format vorzustellen und auszuprobieren: Das Newsical eine Nachrichtensendung aus Musik. Diese Pionierarbeit wird in der Story of Wind (coming soon) weitererzählt.

I don’t know what to do and I think: what’s a community?

whats a community?
i dont know what to do and I think: whats a community?
we arrive
to a family
to a question
to nowhere
we arrive
and i dont know what to do
what im suppoused to be doing?
we arrive
and have dinner together
and talk about romeo and juliet
and thats all i understand
romeo and juliet
therere some stories weve heard
that stick with us


because we like them
because we dont
because thats how its suppoussed to be
and i wonder
whats a community?
the light on the tree?
the cat of the neighbour?
this emptiness?

i dont know what to do
and i go to sleep
not knowing
and i wake up
not knowing
and i walk around not knowing
and i enter a room
and started sewing


because thats what i do
thats primarily what i do
i dont write
i dont think
i sew and talk
talk about my grandfather who was a taylor
and how i know
how to sew
before knowing
and we talk
and we sew
and we dance
and i cant understand
what i hear
but i can
be here.

Giuliana Kiersz

The best Team

in a Drowned Mall

Das Projekt »Newsical – Schock Güzel« wird unterstützt durch das Programm »MeinLand – Zeit für Zukunft der Türkischen Gemeinde in Deutschland« im Rahmen des Bundesprogramms Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung des Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung.

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If you are a mc-diver in a drowned city or a drowned mall and you want to immerse with us.

We are also open to dolphins and all other entities.

Am Bahnhof 4
16307 Mescherin OT Rosow
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